System.Runtime.CompilerServices.IsVolatile Class

public sealed class IsVolatile

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Marks a location in the memory store as volatile.


IsVolatile is a class used only in custom modifiers of method signatures to indicate that a location in the memory store (see "The Memory Store" in Partition I) is "volatile".

When used as a required modifier, any compiler that successfully imports metadata that describes a memory location as "volatile" is required to use volatile. prefixed instructions to access such locations. Examples of such locations are volatile fields, volatile targets of pointers, and volatile elements of arrays.

[Note: For most languages, it is recommended that the notion of "volatile" be attached to locations using language syntax instead of custom modifiers.

The types in System.Runtime.CompilerServices are intended primarily for use by compilers, not application programmers. They allow compilers to easily implement certain language features that are not directly visible to programmers.


For more information on custom modifiers, see Partition II of the CLI Specification.

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